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Train with trundle Open
Train bed with trundle

Train Bed

Custom built bed in a train theme.  This bed is a fun one for the kids.   


Light comes standard on this version.  We put a 3 stage touch senson to control the light.  


Bonus storage compartment under the bed


Size: 46"w x 97"l x 79"h


Pricing Breakdown:
Train Bed         $1800

Add Trundle      $499

Add Light          $0.00 (Included)

Add name         $0.00 (Stardard Included

Custom Train # $0.00

Total                 $2299 (plus shipping) 



Add Graphic Name $75

Some of the extra features you may see in our examples:


Graphic Name

Put your child's name in more of a graphic like the "Hogworts Express".  We can put "Your Child Express".  Note the standard typeset as shown on the Polar express example above is included in the price.


Train Number 

At no charge we can customize the train number.  Most people like to put the childs birthday (example Aug. 26 would be "0826")



We can add trundle and cutout wheels for $499.  The ladder is replaed with the connector rods on the wheels.  




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