Boat Bunk

Pirate Boat Bed

This is a pirate ship bed that was custom made for an Interior Designer. Their client for this bed is a PGA golfer. It is a full size and I built another one similar to this one back in 2007 (black verison in the picture gallery).  


This one the designer made some modifications. We added a mast with crows nest, steering wheel, anchors on the front. The headboard was modified by adding a railing around it and using more pine bead board.


The designer plans on adding a flag to the mast and giving it their special touch. Make sure you favorites and watch list because I’ll post pictures after the designer does their part and installs it.


It was completed in May 2010, and built mostly in April


Pricing Breakdown:
Full Boat Bed Style 2     $3500   
Full Boat Bed style 2     $3000 (Black 2007 Version)  

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