These are all Murphy beds that are designed to look like team lockers.  We can build them in Baseball, Football, Basketball, or really any sport.  We can also add team logos to most any team (provided our supplier of logos has that team). 


We aslo have all the "offical" team colors.  Stock colors are: Black, Baseball Green, Baseball Blue, and white.  Custom mixes may require a color charge.


 It is based on our baseball bed line from our children's division   This is designed to resemble a pair of lockers.  We will put the child's name and another name on the leg supports which look like the name plates on the locker.  The inside of the bed has our standard baseball headboard.  We will totally customize the complete it for you.  You pick the two teams, the score layout, the child's name, the stadium, and the "At Bat" number.  We have also designed a locker bookcase and a locker game cabinet.  Both of these are designed to be placed to be inline with the wall bed and would look like a row of cabinets.  This one is built from MDF a very stable and good substrate used on painted cabinets.  As always we don't use any particle board.

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  • Commercial Grade Mechanism tested to 10,000 cycles (that's 25 years of everyday use)

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • No Particle Board.

  • Lights with safety and touch switches.

  • Bookcases

  • Double locking latches activated by opening the wood molding.

Locker Murphy bed

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