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Bronco Rustic Daybed
Bronco headboard
Scroll Rustic Daybed
Scroll Rustic Daybed Front
Scroll Rustic Daybed Turndle
Cross Rustic Daybed
Cross Rustic Daybed Drwer
Cross Rustic Daybed
Rustic Cross bed
Cross Rustic Daybed Light
Bronco Rustic Daybed
Rustic Daybed Side
Rustic Daybed
Bronco Rustic Daybed.

Rustic Daybed

It is built using Southern Yellow Pine. I distressed it by adding wormholes, gouge marks, and sanding down all sharp edges. The finish is just a light brown stain with a dark paste wax. The wax filled in the distressed marks and highlighted them along with protecting it. This daybed is not our standard size. This example is built in a full size.  It is available in standard twin also. Trundle is always a twin size.


I suspended a set of 3 drawers under the bed and then added a trundle under that. This made for a massively tall bed, which is the look that I am after.  The Iron is a Bronco Riding cowboy made from cast metal.


Pricing Breakdown:

Twin Daybed                       $920

Full Daybed                         $970


6 drawer Dresser                 $599

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