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Ensemble Bed Drawer

Ensemble Bed Drawer

Kid's bed with built in drawers.

Ensemble Bed

Ensemble Bed

Kids bed with built in drawers. Shown closed.

Bed with drawers built in. Normally our drawers are added under a bed as a separate unit.  These drawers are built as a part of the bed.  They can be built with drawers on one side, both sides or even coming out the foot.  Let use know what your configuration is and we will build it for you. 



Overall Size: 77 1/2" x 41" x 36"h (including Headboard)


Pricing as shown

Drawer Unit                   $399 (One Side)

False panel other side $270

Platform Decking          $85

Flat Headboard             $100

Total                                $854  



Upgrade to full extension/ball bearing rails $5/drawer
Cedar lined drawers  $20/drawer
60" long drawer at foot (15"w) $120 (Only used with 3 drawers on one side configuration)

Add door to False Panel $45 (added to false panel price


Other Configurations (These are not shown but can be done)

3 drawers on each side $978

3 drawers on one side and door at foot $899

3 drawers on one side and 60" drawer at foot $974

Ensemble Bed with Drawers

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